Our Trip To Puerto Rico

August 2016.

This is definitely a staple in my life. Me and my fiancé flew out to Puerto Rico literally last minute. We booked our flights on United Specials in the morning and were able to catch our flights that evening.

Upon arrival to Puerto Rico, I was immediately surrounded by the sweet sounds of salsa music. I love salsa music. I knew right then and there that we were going to have an awesome time.

We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton that overlooked a beautiful display of lush palm trees. The best part of the hotel was the big ass lizards just chillin’ around us as we walked by.We spent our time in Puerto Rico traveling through the cities in our drop top Mustang rental car, hitting the beaches and gambling in the hotel that they were reconstructing. We ate, drank and enjoyed the beautiful weather that P.R. had to offer. Even when it rained it was still beautiful. We made nice with the bartenders who creeped up every now and then asking Mell for pictures so they could show off to their friends and brag on their encounter with the Champ.

Although I had an awesome time, the highlight of our trip was when we walked into a jewelry store and Mell asked me to be his wife. 🙂





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