My Vision Board

Every now and then I like to create a vision board so I don’t lose sight of my goals and desires. Normally I use my bedroom wall as a vision wall but since I’m now engaged and living with my future husband, I’ll spare him the annoying magazine clips on the wall. LOL.

Instead, I grabbed a white poster board and glue stick from CVS and proceeded to make my short term vision board. Short term vision boards translate between 6months-2years in my opinion. I choose these because it puts fire under my ass! Check out my board below.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Good Luck!

U is kind,



A few magazines I grabbed…
Clippings I snagged out the mags.
Here’s my board now. It’s not quite finished!
This is my financial goal section. I really want to be apart of Forbes 30 Under 30! I got 2 years!
I want to have a wedding and have a child!
I can’t live without traveling. I also can’t die without traveling.
I want to be apart of something big. A big movement that says something in the future. I also want to either visit the White House or protest at the White House. Whichever happens first. LOL.

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