How I Gained Self Confidence

When I moved to Los Angeles, I had a lot to learn. It was a growing pool for myself and my dreams and little did I know, I would achieve a huge growth spurt while I did my 5 year sentence. Moving there was a little rough. I was a 23 year old with little experience of starting a new life in a different state, but luckily I had my best friend there to figure it out with.

With little to no money, we began breaking down the walls of uncertainty and doing what we had to do to make a way. This included auditions, job interviews and multiple disappointments. We weren’t the most fashionable in the room, we weren’t the most popular in the room, we weren’t the most talented in the room and we definitely weren’t the most experienced in the room.

I learned so much about myself and how self confidence truly pays a huge part in success and well being. Below are a few tips on how I managed to help my self confidence grow. The same three tips apply to every aspect below.

Confidence with my body:

  1. Stop comparing! I used to see all these fit girls everywhere and I looked at myself in disgust. I even starting popping these weight loss pills from GNC that made me lose 10lbs in one week. Come to find out, they were recalled for putting people in the hospital for liver damage. I was doing more harm than anything by trying to catch up with other people. Finally I changed my mind and decided to really take care of my body and learn about how to achieve my goals the healthy way.
  2. Get Active! I couldn’t wish to lose weight and it think that it would actually happen. I had to set goals and stick to them no matter how hard it was. Once I trained myself to live a healthy lifestyle, I ultimately felt better about myself.
  3. Dress Up! My mom used to tell me that you felt how you looked. If I was having a bad day (which I had so many in Los Angeles), I would put makeup on, do my hair and put on something that made me feel beautiful. This helped me tremendously.

Confidence with my creativity:

  1. Stop comparing! We are all special and we are all individually made to be different. There is not one brain that is just like the other, even with twins!! Your talents and creativity is your own and should be treated like such. It helped me a lot with songwriting by being by myself and blocking the world out so I didn’t have to deal with a clash of creativity with other people.
  2. Get Active! Every single day, I do something creative. Never let anything detour you from creating because it is definitely a tool that you have to keep sharpening. I took a year off from music and it’s difficult for me to write a song now.
  3. Dress Up! I realized that with creativity, I had to feel creative. Yes, I mean dressing up. I literally cannot create anything in bed clothes from the night before. I have to start fresh and new!

I encourage you today to become a unicorn in your own eyes. Get to learn yourself and know yourself. This plays a big part in self confidence. Once you bloom into who you’re supposed to be, there isn’t going to be a doubt in your mind that you can achieve any and everything.

Good Luck!

U is kind,






  1. I am really reading your blog posts. It’s comforting and encouraging reading that while you have a few insecurities, you’re using them to make a stronger, better person! Very inspiring!


  2. So comforting reading this post. I am currently amidst my LA struggle and it’s hard. And to deal with self-confidence simultaneously is hell. Only someone who has done it could understand. Thank you 🙂


  3. I am so happy that you have started a blog! I’ve been keeping up with you for a while through social media.
    I think everyone needs an outlet to express themselves, especially their thoughts, and whatever inspires them. Looking forward to reading your posts!



  4. I love you and your confidence & Swag, I admire you and your sister. You girls are Litty AF, Thanks for giving me something to look up too.. Your social Media post motivates me a lot…


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