Growing Up Rich. 

I was born in Fort Worth, TX and grew up with a slew of different experiences and settings. We didn’t have much, we moved from house to house and we barely had enough of anything to survive but the whole time we were oblivious to it.

My mother was a class act. She had two small girls with no daddy help (but no baby daddy drama), she was always pushing towards her dreams and goals of being a model and singer, she took care of us and always made sure we were always happy and she stayed beautiful and graceful throughout it all.

Growing up, we learned about culture, music, travel, fashion, art and we never saw color, sex preference or age. Anything we wanted to do, mom was right there behind us cheering us on. I always appreciated her for that. We grew up rich in spirit, love and ability. Walk with me through a quick gallery of my childhood and adolescence.

The earliest proof of me and my sister. The pics are a little rough but they’re from the 80s. Lol.

This is me and my sister on our way to church. Mom used to dress us just alike all the time.

This is my mom, her best friend Corinna (with her kids) and my uncle on the end. Corinna used to make us the most bomb tacos in San Antonio… or was it Dallas? I was too young to remember. But peep how me and sis are dressed alike again! Lol

Ahh… Christmas. Every year after this, my sister and I started realizing just how hard it was for mom. This Christmas, we had Barbie cars, clothes, toys, shoes and everything else!

Right here we were staying with an old lady who used to watch us while mom performed at her shows. I remember one day, I put a Barbie and water in a shoe box (so she could take a bath of course) and got a spanking from the old lady. After that, mom never took us back.

We spent a lot of time at S.H.A.P.E Community Center learning about culture and our ancestry. As a child, I didn’t appreciate it but I do now.

This was at Turner Elementary in 3rd Ward, TX. I used to love those little outfits mom would get us. There was a watermelon dress that I preferred to wear often. During this time, I used to have crazy dreams for some reason.

We were pretty country and pretty damn happy about it. But what kid wasn’t?

We used to join mom in her photoshoots when she had them. Around this time we were in modeling classes and runway classes. Also, we entered a competition for Oscar Meyer.

Christmas again.

Don’t act like you were an Instagram baddie growing up!!!!! Lol. During this time we loved B2K and I spent a lot of time writing to run away from life.

Another photoshoot with mom. We actually stole this dog from someone walking by and they let us take pics with it.

I saved this one for last cuz it’s just so darn cute! Love you mommy!

Chriss Zoe



  1. What kind of crazy dreams did you have? Also…. You guys are a unit. 3 is a beautiful number. May God continue to bless you and your family


  2. Hi Chris Zoe!
    First, let me say that today, I am THANKFUL for you! I have to be honest, I’ve been lurking on your page(s) forever! (and your Mom and sister’s as well 😘 lol). Mostly being a silent liker and supporter. After reading this post I can’t be silent. Your story is truly inspiring. It reminded me of my country upbringing in S.C. and that we all come from somewhere. I related so much to that and also to your words about your Mom as I am a mother of 2 myself. As a Mom, you do sooo much for your children, disregarding your own needs just to make sure theirs are met and exceeded. In reading your post about finding your confidence, I realized I’d let mine go! You’ve opened my eyes and allowed me to begin seeing myself again. I didn’t know that I needed your words but I’m glad you shared. I know you don’t know me, you may not even read this but God uses people like you for people like me. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for your words, your insight, your strength, your struggle, your realness and gifts. You are AMAZING!

    With love,


  3. Hello Chriss Zoe
    I really enjoyed this trip through your life experiences. Your transparency was a breath of fresh air in the filtered era of social media. What more can I say about your mother?! She is truly an angel on earth. Rooting for you, Ciera and your mother… honestly I’ve been a fan of all three for a while but now that I know the backstory it adds a rich layer to you all.
    Thank You


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