Our Last Minute Trip To Mexico! 

We woke up on Wednesday morning and decided to take a trip to Mexico for Thanksgiving . We normally go to Los Cabos but after looking around, we decided on Cancun. We used our miles to purchase our flights for the next morning and we booked our hotel at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya. We chose an all inclusive hotel because we didn’t want to have to pay for every meal and every drink.

Upon arrival, we grabbed a BMW from Hertz (which I wouldn’t recommend because we rarely used it and they charged us a $2500 hold for the vehicle), drove down 45 minutes from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen and were greeted by the friendly staff at the hotel. 

We were guided to our room at the Zen Suites by a concierge and presented with a bottle of Tequila and our room keys. 

First order of business was hitting the beach and the bar. It was severely quiet on the first day at the bar so we had a few drinks and had some nachos. They were awesome! We then ended up on the beach and eating hamburgers! 

We had dinner plans but unfortunately we fell asleep and were too tired from all the Tequila to even get up. The next morning we ended up at Azul eating breakfast. We were a bit annoyed because there were children running around freely, skipping us in the buffet line, brushing against us and screaming and yelling. At one point a child came to stand by our table shoulder to shoulder with Mell with a stroller as he looked back and spoke to his parents. His parents were in paradise and unable to realize how rude it was. Nevertheless, breakfast was great.

Needless to say, we ended up transferring to Grand Class for $400 more so that we could enjoy an adult only vacation. 

Our room was amazing! It also had an amazing modern feel with a patio to die for! This was the same hotel, just the adults only section. 

We hit the bar for a short while before grabbing lunch. The restaurant we went to for lunch was called “Bistro”. This was adults only. The food was amazing and the weather was even better. Of course the portions were small because it was an all inclusive hotel, but it was just enough. 

After lunch we walked the beach for a while and then we drove to Fifth Avenue (the mall) and walked until we couldn’t walk anymore. The only thing we bought was panchos. I was irritated by the amount of people who walked up to us and offered to sell us weed and cocaine. Other than that, the shops were amazing. I would recommend googling it because I didn’t get any pics. 😦 Only the entrance. 

We had dinner reservations at Frida that evening and barely made it back in time to go. The food was very interesting and “high class”. I enjoyed it but it was a acquired taste for most. 

On Saturday, we went to Cancun to meet with reps from the WBC and ended up on a boardwalk type mall situation with water sports. That’s where Mell ended up on a shark jet ski thing that I was too scared to get in. 

We walked around the mall (there were high end stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Carolina Herrera, etc.) until we made our way to the airport. 

We had so much fun but were so ready to get home for our traditional Sunday BBQ & football shenanigans!! 


Chriss 💋



  1. Beautiful!!! Always nice to see Love and Happiness. Gives us all hope that the world isn’t always so bad. Jah Bless 🌻🌻🌻


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