How I Started My Own Busine$$

I literally went from struggling with $1200-$1800 a month as a server to killin’ it and working for myself and making $4000 in my first month to $20k a month. I ain’t lyin’ yall! Click the video below to check it out for yourself.


Purchase “How I Became My Own Business


Chriss Zoë



  1. I love love love your blogs, your work, everything about you Christina…yaaaasss honey work! What were your concepts for your first mixtape? Cut Up is my jam!!


  2. I really appreciate your education tools! I want to start my own business this year and I need all the information I can get! I also love your style! Keep on inspiring!


  3. hey, well i so admire chriss to be honest i really do, i really want to have access to read your book but then im having difficulties to. is there any way to be able to get it or read half of it please?


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