Losing Love

Hey guys and gals! It’s kind of ironic what my last post was about, right? If you don’t know what it was, it was me interviewing friends about their break ups and low and behold, mine was on the way. Everything happens for a reason.

Anyway, I’m in the process of my healing and my full story will be released artistically of course, but for now I wanted to get back to writing about things and blogging. I am located in Los Angeles now and I am doing well. I’m getting back to working on my business and creating goals for myself that are going to be reached at my fullest potential.

Check out shopchrisszoe.com because there’s new stuff on there!

I will be getting back to music and I will be creating a website where all the things I’m doing can be accessed.

My recent life changes have only motivated me to be better than I used to be. Thank you to everyone who has sent a text, email, DM or comment encouraging me to keep going. They all help me to help you, too.

Be Back Soon,




  1. Your transparency is so brave. We’ve all been there. I’ve followed your story before the breakup and I will follow you after. Thank you for sharing pieces of your world and your heart. Wishing you the ultimate best. God bless.


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