3AM w/ Emotions

My mind tends to race in the middle of the night and it wakes me up not allowing me to go back to sleep. “Tonight” I’m up at 3am and I’m thinking about so many things and soaking in my emotions.

I’m still healing from my recent relationship so it’s only natural to wonder how he is doing. I loved him and although I had to make the decision to leave, I loved this person and planned a future with him. I lost so much and I feel the effects of that sometimes. Many ask me how to move forward, but it’s simple. You move forward with one foot at a time. Find the courage you need to find in order to make your next steps the best ones you’ve ever made. I’ve been transparent with you all about certain things but my healing is going to be more personal.

My advice to those who are going through the same thing is to let yourself have those emotions but choose happiness in all things. We are only human and we must treat our brothers and sisters with love and we must treat ourselves the same.





  1. God will never put you through more than you can handle. I wish you strength and light throughout this journey. You got this!!! And remember… there’s always a Beyoncé song that will help you through ☺️

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