Make A Million Dollars TODAY!

Before you read this and think that I know how to make a million dollars today, don’t. LOL.

Yesterday my best friend sent me a text and said, “I’m gonna make a million dollars tomorrow!” and it’s so funny that I was thinking the same thing. Talk about MOTIVATION. I stress the importance of working hard to just about everyone. If you don’t get up and work your hardest every day, what is the point of having goals, dreams and aspirations?

When I got back to Los Angeles a month and a half ago I obviously didn’t have anything lined up for myself since I ended my engagement abruptly. I didn’t have time to look for apartments, financially prepare myself, etc. Everyday that I’ve been here has been an opportunity to be better than I was yesterday. I get up and work like I’m trying to make a MILLION DOLLARS.

I’m happy to report that the goal I set for myself has either been reached or passed up with flying colors. Thank God.

Who else is going to make a Milli today? #WORK.





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