Assisting A Lady Bo$$

My friends and I have been together for a very long time. I have history with every good friend I have and I’ve been blessed to be able to see them grow into the women that they are today.

Recently my girl Courtney and I decided that we needed to set a few goals and we decided to do them together. Now this isn’t a new thing with friends but these goals are BOSS goals. I love that my girls are go-getters and dedicated women because it motivates me.

Our most recent goal was to cut down our credit card debt. Sometimes the SWIPE LIFE gets up caught up but let’s face it, great credit and debt free mindsets are the best way to go.

Every single Friday we’ve made a pact to make a $75 payment to our credit cards and we’re holding one another accountable.

Since we want to go on trips often, we feel it’s so important to make sure we’re in the best position to be financially independent. We love being able to support ourselves and move freely but we also love to enjoy these things together.

There are a lot of goals that you can set but what goals are going to be the best for your life? Help your friend become a BOSS by supporting her with boss worthy goals.

Since I want to see her be the best she can be, I feel that I’m responsible for making myself the best I can be so that she has someone to walk with through her journey and vice versa. Your friends should definitely have substance and want the best for you. I encourage you to set life goals with your girls and hold one another accountable for the goals.

Good Luck Girls and remember that every step you take is dangerous.




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  1. This just made me feel so motivated to work hard on clearing my debt, but as a business owner (I own a jewelry company, I design, market, etc all by myself) I don’t thrive here in Philly and /i wish I could up and move to LA, I think I would do better there.. You and your sister are so inspiring to me, I am hopeful that someday I will get to my dream goals. Thanks for sharing..


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