My Birthday Weekend (5.20)

Well guys and girls, I am so sorry I kept you waiting this long. As a child I’ve always used writing as an outlet but over time it changed to music as the outlet and recently I just don’t want to do either because of a combination of being too busy and not wanting to address the feelings I have in order to stay focused.

A few (not too many) of you have mentioned that you want me to make another post so here it is.

This weekend was my birthday and I had an incredible time. My friends all declared that this birthday was going to be the best birthday ever and I think it might have been in all honesty. Last two years were trash and most of us know why.

Friday afternoon Courtney and I when to The Broad Museum (which I reserved like a month in advance)

Friday night we went to dinner and a lounge where I had a brief meltdown because of masked, delayed and hidden feelings I can’t help but to notice on the day before my birthday and it’s a beautiful thing when you have friends who will catch you when you fall, pick up up and even drag yo ass to the uber and let you cry on their lap. Love it.

After my meltdown, I had a great time. We smoked cigars and took pictures in the lobby and just genuinely enjoyed one another’s time.

Saturday morning we went to brunch:


and then Saturday afternoon we went to a pool party in West Hollywood which was so fun and then ended up at Berri’s. We were supposed to go to a salsa club but literally could not keep our eyes open at 11P.

Sunday, me and my gal pals took a trip to Venice to ride bikes on the beach which was totally relaxing and beautiful.


Now, on Monday, I have to get back to my goals and dreams but I must say that it felt so amazing to just let go and not care about anything but good energy, good people, good times and good vibes.

If you want to see what I’ve been up to click the links below. is a blog I recently created to scratch my music itch. In a perfect world I’d like to be somethin’ like a freelance A&R with no ties to any labels. I want them to call me to find new talent and from time to time I’ll hop on an album or write a song for the talent. Anyway, I post about songs that I truly love from indie, underground, upcoming and major artists alike.

I started a Twitter which I struggle to use.

Also, my sister and I are cooking something up so keep your eyes open.

And of course is still in full rotation. THANK GOD.

Love you guys. I’m gonna work on cleansing myself this week from all that Tequila. LAWD.




  1. This is my first blog post reading from you and I love it! I’m going back and reading everything LOL keep them coming 💕


  2. This is beautiful happy birthday and God willing many more to come. I’m happy you’ve surrounded yourself with wonderful people and you deserve happiness never let anyone tell you differently, can’t wait to see where you’ll be in 5 years.


  3. Girl I just love you. I try to keep up with you on IG and snap. Your stories and life are so inspiring to me, and your music is dope! Keep rising girl💁🏾.


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