My Hair Growth Journey

I’ve been trying to get my curls back up and running for only God knows how long and I’ve seen my mother pass my sister and I up every single time she cut her hair and grew it back. This time I took her cutting her hair off as a challenge. She shaved her entire head a few years ago and it’s almost longer than mine AGAIN!

In this entry I’m going to go through a bunch of pictures that show my hair length and I’ll tell you what I was doing that either stunted the growth or helped it grow like weeds. I’ll also give you all the hair products I use and are faithful to. Enjoy!


This was in February 2016. I was straightening the fuck out of my hair constantly. I never got trims, I didn’t take care of it and I got one cut in December that took off the dead ends but my hair had still been this length for years after this cut. I was also using whatever shampoo I could get my hands on which is an absolute no-no.

These two pictures are from August 2016. I was still straightening my hair a lot and used clip ins a lot when I wanted long hair. However, I switched to using Deva Curl no-poo and conditioner and I noticed a slight change in my texture. This is when my hair started to grow a tad bit.

These were taken in September 2016. I was still using DevaCurl but I was still (as you can see) straightening the hell out of my hair. I wasn’t getting trims and I never really put anything on my hair to keep it moisturized. It was growing a tad bit as you can see.


In December 2016, I was using clip ins to cover up my damage and laziness with my hair. I was still using Deva Curl products and I had started prenatal vitamins by this time. The curl was barely there from straightening my hair so often and I tried to make it work but ended up looking like “who done it and why?”.


January 2017, same story, different picture.


It wasn’t until March 2017 that I started really getting into protective styling.  I wasn’t on prenatals any longer and I starting using Organics Hair Mayonnaise along with Deva Curl. With the hair mayonnaise, I would wash my hair and put it on my hair almost every other day. Some days I would walk around with it in my head all day and some nights I would just sleep with it in my hair. I also started getting trims every three months. As far as straightening my hair, I still couldn’t go cold turkey so I would straighten it every now and then.


In April 2016, I was wearing curly clip ins but I still used heat to make my curls match the fake hair. As you can see, I was still struggling with just wearing my natural hair and this was breaking my ends again.


This was May 22, 2016. I stopped straightening my hair so much, I was still using Deva Curl products and hair mayonnaise. My curls were much more defined by this time.


The beginning of June 2017 was the first time I had straightened my hair for a while. It was shinier, it had some length but I still had some false pieces in the front.


The end of June 2017: I hadn’t straightened my hair in a few weeks but I wasn’t quite using the correct hair products yet. Also, this was DEFINITELY fake hair using clip ins.


This was the end of July 2017. I hadn’t straightened my hair since the beginning of June 2017. Check out that growth.

FullSizeRender 2

Mid August 2017: I finally started styling my hair with Pro Styl and my curls stayed all day but of course my hair was hard as hell all day! By this time, I started to incorporate Organic Hair Fertilizer. I’ve noticed that my hair literally began flourishing. It felt better, thicker, and softer. These are clip ins as well and my real hair was in the front but luckily it blended perfectly so you can’t really tell.

The beginning of September 2017 I decided to finally let my curls free. This is with NO clip ins and I styled it using Deva Curl Gel. The first two are when my hair was wet or half dry and the below photo is when my hair was dry.


The below photo is my hair September 10th. I used a Deep Conditioner, Deva Curl and my same hair routine. I have a long way to go but I’m happy that my hair is growing really fast!








  1. Yes girl! I just started wearing protective styles as well with deep conditioners and it’s making a huge difference. I no longer had heat damage from straightening but, my curl pattern changed and my hair thinned the fuck out when I started taking birth control, so I had to get off. I need to try the products you mentioned asap to get my kinky curls back! Just looking all glowy over there. ❤


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