This Mask Is Called: SunGlow

So this morning I woke up and laid in bed for a while which is NEVER the case. After a few hours I got up and decided to actually do something with myself.

On My Hair:

After washing my hair using my normal routine , I added Deva Curl Styling Cream and diffused my hair for the first time in my life. I normally let it air dry and I pick it out later on but for a quicker and more defined dry curl, I decided to give it a shot. BEST IDEA ever. I’ll go buy one from Deva Curl this week but I snagged Alex’s for this look.

On My Face:

Foundation: I used Shea Moisture Foundation which I LOVE because they truly understand the concept of skin that has multiple colors and undertones. I have a yellow undertone which makes it hard to find makeup that doesn’t look like I put on ashy cake batter.

Brows: I’ve never really strayed from Spiked by MAC. It’s been my number one brow pencil for years.

Mascara: I’ve been trying to stay away from false lashes because I always get lash glue on my contacts and that’s annoying! I also started thinking about how much damage I’m actually causing my eyes by allowing glue so close to them. So I started using a primer from L’Oreal and then applying the actual mascara.

Highlight: I swear up and down that I’ve tried every highlight and Becca just did the damn thing with hers. I get RiRi’s in the mail next week and I’m sure I’ll have fun with that one but I like a very natural glow.

Lips: I used my favorite gloss by TheBalm. Read My Lips  is the best lipgloss I’ve tried in a while. It doesn’t make my lips peel and it adds a really nice nude color.



My shirt is a past style from my store Shop Chriss Zoë.





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